Meet Belinda, the girl

who found Christmas

Book cover

The Girl Who Found Christmas:
An Advent Calendar Storybook

Everyone knows what a storybook is, but you’d probably be surprised to know that many people have never seen an Advent Calendar.

And if they have seen one, they may think that each day in December hides a chocolate treat! 

The author thought that the journey to Christmas should be paved with something a little more than important than chocolate, so she wrote a bedtime story for every night in December.

The Girl Who Found Christmas takes a spiritual journey to Christmas  as a little girl makes her way from the snowman, the sleigh ride, the decorations, the Christmas tree – (and a lot of fun things!) to the manger. Just the way the author wanted it. 


Children’s Christmas books, together with child literacy, and Christmas itself, are passions of Barbara Escher, author of “The Girl Who Found Christmas: An Advent Calendar Storybook.” The book’s 25 bedtime stories take the reader on a child’s journey in “figuring out” what Christmas is about, or – as Barbara likes to put it – the journey from the magic to the manger.

One of her goals for the book was to offer children both the spiritual Christmas – and lots of Christmas adventures along the way.

We hope that children will enjoy meeting Belinda and her best friends Elizabeth and Andrew (who looks a little bit like Harry Potter).  And of course, Belinda’s cat, the one and only Custard.



The author of “The Girl Who Found Christmas” also wrote a song to trace her six-year-old heroine’s journey across Advent.

Sung by a father to a daughter, the song is available at no charge on YouTube. We hope you enjoy it!

Click on the picture to listen!