Meet Belinda, the girl

who found Christmas

Children’s Christmas books, together with child literacy, and Christmas itself, are passions of Barbara Escher, author of “The Girl Who Found Christmas: An Advent Calendar Storybook.” The book’s 25 bedtime stories take the reader on a child’s journey in “figuring out” what Christmas is about, or – as Barbara likes to put it – the journey from the magic to the manger.

One of her goals for the book was to offer children both the spiritual Christmas – and lots of Christmas adventures along the way.

Here are three children you will encounter in “The Girl Who Found Christmas.” We hope you will enjoy meeting them!


Best Friends:

Elizabeth and Andrew

Favorite Things:

Christmas, bacon, snowmen, making French toast, Skyping with her mom, having fun with friends, asking questions in three’s and hugging her cat!

She Is:

Six years old, funny, a good friend, curious, and adventurous


Best Friends:

Belinda and Andrew

Favorite Things:

Christmas, having fun with friends, singing Christmas songs, reading, Christmas stories, looking for a Christmas tree with her friend Belinda AND her bright blue hat! 

She is:

Six years old, funny, a good friend, a big sister to “Lisa La La”


Best Friends:

Elizabeth and Belinda

Favorite Things:

Harry Potter books, reading, solving mysteries about WIZARDS, hanging out with friends, BACON, Christmas cookies, writing stories, and his wizard hat!!

He is:

Smart, funny, and a little bit of a lovable nerd. 

The author of “The Girl Who Found Christmas” also wrote a song to trace her six-year-old heroine’s journey across Advent.

Sung by a father to a daughter, the song is available at no charge on YouTube. We hope you enjoy it!

Click on the picture to listen!