Christmas isn’t a season,
it’s a feeling.

Red Mitten Books supports literacy for children, encourages a deep love for Christmas, and publishes children’s books, including “The Girl Who Found Christmas.”  We are happy to work with the many independent authors who share our commitment to children’s literacy. 


Best Friends:

Elizabeth and Andrew

Favorite Things:

Christmas, bacon, snowmen, making French toast, Skyping with her mom, having fun with friends, asking questions in three’s and hugging her cat!

She Is:

Six years old, funny, a good friend, curious, and adventurous


Best Friends:

Belinda and Andrew

Favorite Things:

Christmas, having fun with friends, 

She is:

Six years old




Best Friends:

Elizabeth and Belinda

Favorite Things:

Harry Potter books

He is:

Smart, funny, and a little bit of a lovable nerd.