The Girl Who Found Christmas

An Advent Calendar Storybook
Published by Red Mitten Books
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A Unique Christmas Mystery for Kids!

Bet you don't think there's anything mysterious about a snowman!! But hold onto your hat, snowmen are just the beginning of a mystery adventure for six-year-old Belinda - and for your kids too!

Most kids would probably agree that solving a mystery for their mom would be EXTRA important if she was far away. So when Belinda's mom asks her to figure out What Is It That Makes It Christmas, well, Belinda gets solving in a hurry!  

"Whew," Belinda says to her dad. "What kind of mystery is that? No treasure? No frankincense? No presents?" She never heard of a mystery like that, but she wants to show her mom that she can solve the mystery in time for Christmas. Belinda may not know what it means that her mom is  “deployed,” but she DOES know that she wants her mom home in time for Christmas! And even if solving the mystery doesn't bring her mom home, it might make her smile very BIG on Skype! 
Decision made!! Armed only with crayons and determination, Belinda tracks down clues every day in December (including a snowman, you will recall!). Her father tapes her drawings on the kitchen wall, and soon they look like an Advent Calendar (or a Treasure Map!), with a big red X on December 25!

If your kids have a crayon, a piece of paper, and some imagination, they can join Belinda in drawing a clue every day on a personal Advent Calendar.

Belinda looks for clues everywhere she goes. Every day there is something new to do - and something new to draw. She doesn't really think it's the snowman that makes it Christmas. Or the tree she picks out with her friend Elizabeth. But she keeps looking, day by day, faithfully drawing her clues and thinking about what they might mean.

She looks for clues in New York when she goes to The Nutcracker Ballet with Grandmother. And she looks in the woods when she can’t find Custard, her kitty. Clues are everywhere, even when she rides the town fire truck!!

Lucky for Belinda, she has special help! Every day, Belinda asks for help from someone she calls “Howard.” She started calling Him Howard when she was very little and tried to say the Lord’s Prayer. Somehow, “Hallowed be Thy Name” was just too hard to say. But “Howard be Thy name” was just right. Talking to Howard when she’s worried about clues or just hoping her mom will get home in time for Christmas is an important part of Belinda’s life every day.

This Christmas storybook is a great gift for children or grandchildren, especially if it comes with a generous box of crayons! Kids can join Belinda in following the clues and solving the mystery. Wait and see who figures out what the meaning of Christmas is all about!
Hardcover | 146 pages | 8x10.888 | 978-1-7333034-1-5 | October 10, 2019