A Christmas Party

A Christmas Party

A Christmas Party at Belinda's Barn


An Advent Calendar Day!

Belinda was getting a little bit worried. She still hadn’t figured out…

What Is It That Makes It Christmas?

If it’s not the tree and it’s not the snow and it’s not the reindeer or Santa or stockings, what can it be?

She talked to Howard about it every morning and drew her ideas on her Advent Calendar every night. She hoped that the PARTY would give her some more ideas!

When she ran down the stairs in the morning, she was excited to find a note on the kitchen table from her father. It said, “I’m in the barn, decorating. Get your warm clothing and come join me!”

Getting Ready for a Christmas Party

A Christmas Party at Belinda's BarnShe pulled on her parka and boots over her PJs and ran outside to the barn. But she stood still and said, “OH MY!” when she saw the barn with all the white fairy lights. It was still dark outside, and their old barn was magical.

Well, she knew there was going to be a party, but what could she do to help?

Her dad asked if she could put crayons and paper and glue in one of the barn stalls for drawing. And he thought they should have construction paper and glue in another stall. Belinda knew that was for paper chains!

Paper Chains

Soon there would be a lot of friends to help her decorate the tree (and eat cookies!).

Before you knew it, she heard loud boots clomping outside. She knew that sound. “That’s Gramps,” she said! And when the big barn doors opened up, it was not just Gramps. He had a BIG BIG BIG Christmas tree.

Her kitty was not invited to the party, but Belinda could tell the story of his adventures.

Kitty In the Snow

Belinda decided she wanted to help kids draw Advent Calendars. She could even tell them what she was learning about Christmas.

It’s Not the Tree That Makes It Christmas

Her dad thought that was a great idea. He said, “I think that would be wonderful, Belinda. And I’ll bet you’ll get some new ideas for the last days of YOUR calendar as well!”

“Maybe even a picture of a party,” said Belinda as she skipped back to the house in her red rubber boots.


Let me know in the Comments how you’re doing on your journey and whether you have a December 21 drawing of your very own in your house.

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