Believe in the Magic of Christmas

Believe in the Magic of Christmas

Believe in the Magic of Christmas


An Advent Calendar Day!

Believe in the Magic of Christmas — YES!! December 13 is a SPECIAL day on Belinda’s Advent Calendar!

A train ride with her dad to New York City, a visit to see her grandmother, and a building all lit up with the word “BELIEVE”! She could hardly BELIEVE any of it!

Counting minutes on the train didn’t help her with the fidgets, and her fidget spinner didn’t help either. Too many exciting surprises for just one Advent Calendar Day!

Belinda’s dad was pretty good at noticing her fidgets (well, they would be hard to miss as she was bouncing all around in her seat!).

Being a smart dad, he was prepared. He asked Belinda if she would like to look at some pictures and get ready for her visit.

A Famous Christmas Tree

The first picture she saw lit her eyes up like saucers. This year’s tree at Rockefeller Center was 80 feet tall  and had 50,000 lights!

Christmas tree on a truckBelinda thought the coolest part was that the tree arrived in New York overnight, so that no children would see it until it got to Rockefeller Center.

Are We Going to See THIS When We Visit Grandmother?

When she turned the page, her eyes lit up AGAIN! “Look! People are ice skating right below the Christmas Tree. Are we going to see all this while we visit Grandmother?” Now Belinda REALLY wanted the train to go faster.

A Train StationGrand Central Station

Soon they had arrived at the station where about a zillion people came and went every day! But they made it through the crowd (whew!)! Must be more Christmas magic!

At Grandmother’s house, Grandmother was so happy to see Belinda that she gave her an extra big hug. Remember that there was another surprise to your present??

Grandmother told Belinda that they were going to go see an amazing tree, but when they got there, Belinda said, “That tree looks like the one in the book!”

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center with ice skatersBelinda for-sure believes in the magic of Christmas! She says, “It’s the biggest, best-est thing I have ever seen. AND there are gold statues and angels and ICE SKATERS and flags everywhere.”

Belinda asked her grandmother if she knew it was going to be like that. And her grandmother said, “Oh yes, Belinda.”

“Wow,” Belinda said on a very cold, freezy breath. “I don’t know how you could ever leave this.”

“Ah,” said her grandmother. “But part of what makes it so special is that it’s only like this at Christmas.”

And then her father asked Belinda if she would like to go ice skating? Can you imagine? Right below the giant Christmas tree? What do you think she said??

Let me know in the Comments how you’re doing on your journey and whether you have a December 13 drawing of your very own in your house.

Please share your own experiences and suggestions in the Comments below. And tell me about your favorite Christmas books!


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