Special Christmas Gifts

Special Christmas Gifts

A Special Christmas Gift


Where is My Kitty?

Special Christmas Gifts aren’t always wrapped! Custard didn’t have a ribbon or a bow, but he came home safe after a very scary day in the snow!

First My Kitty, Then My Friend

It was a difficult day for Belinda. First her kitty was missing. Then her friend Elizabeth! Lots of worries (and a lot of talking to Howard!). 

Belinda wished that Custard could tell the whole story of the day he was missing. While she was worrying and people were searching, her kitty was having the adventure of his life. 

Inside Custard’s Story

First, he was busy following a funny smell. It wasn’t dog. And it wasn’t squirrel. He moved carefully as he got closer to the smell. Eventually he noticed that the “funny smell” smelled a little like Belinda!

Twitching his nose, he went closer still. Whatever it was, it looked like a person, but it wasn’t moving. Like all of his cat ancestors, Custard knew how to sneak up on something…

One Quiet Little Paw at a Time

Turning his head in all directions, he moved even slower, then JUMPED up on the still little person who smelled like Belinda.

Custard began licking the little person’s face, since that usually convinced Belinda that it was time to play.

Oh No! What Can It Be?

At that very moment, Custard looked up and saw bright lights and heard a loud screech. He was frozen to the spot!

What could it be? What did Custard see and hear? And did something (or SOMEONE) see or hear him in the snow?

This is a very scary chapter! Custard was missing. Belinda’s friend Elizabeth was missing. And there was a “person” who wasn’t moving. A small person who smelled a little like Belinda!

Special Christmas Gifts All Around

Can you figure out what happened before you read the rest of the story? What can happen when a little kitty and a little missing girl and some screechy sounds and bright lights show up?

Belinda’s friend Andrew and his grandfather were right there when it happened. And Andrew’s grandfather said, “What on earth is this? What is going on here?”

Andrew’s Grandfather Was Right There?

The story of how Elizabeth came to be so still and how Andrew’s grandfather called for help is only part of what happens next.

Maybe the best part happens when a certain little kitty comes home in time for Christmas?

If I told you that Custard turned out to be a hero and saved Elizabeth, would you even believe it?? Would that be more magical than even your best imagination?

You’ll have to read the story to find out about Custard, the Hero! What an amazing story  and what special Christmas gifts there were! 

Let me know in the Comments how you’re doing on your journey and whether you have a December 11 drawing of your very own in your house.

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