Remembering the Magic

Remembering the Magic

Remembering the magic of Christmas in New York


An Advent Calendar Day!

Remembering the magic of Christmas in New York!

It’s still early morning back in the farmhouse, and Belinda loves quiet cocoa and happy memories. And picturing what she will draw for her mom and Gramps.

She can’t wait to tell them about her amazing dream! She dreamed about dancing with the prince on the stage at The Nutcracker!

In her dream, people clapped and clapped, and Custard had a front row seat! Pretty hard to draw a picture of Custard sitting still in a seat, but she already knew what the best picture would be: a picture of Belinda and Santa!

So Much Magic!

Belinda and Santa

Belinda was excited about the Santa at Macy’s (lots of people think he is the REAL Santa). She wasn’t too sure about that, but going out with her grandmother and her dad would be fun no matter what. AND she would get a picture to show her mom!

When her grandmother asked if she knew what she wanted for Christmas, Belinda was very quiet. Finally she said, “I think that what I want can’t come down a chimney. I want my mommy to come home. And I want a whole family hug.”

“I understand,” her father said. “And you are right that the best presents of all can’t come down a chimney. But it’s ok to tell Santa about something you’d like to do or give or share or play with. You know, something that CAN come down a chimney. And it’s ok to tell Santa about the part he can’t do. He’ll understand that too.”

Belinda finally decided to ask Santa for ice skates so that she could skate with her mom and dad once her mom got home! That would be a GREAT present. But she also asked for the present that wouldn’t come down the chimney!

Christmas Wishes

Family Skating Together

Wishing for her mom at Christmas was a big wish. But Christmas was all about special wishes. And sometimes those wishes come true!

When Belinda’s dad and gramps got up, she had so many things to tell them – three at a time! She wanted to tell them about Grandmother and the giant tree and the Nutcracker. But she also told them that she asked Santa for ice skates!

Her dad thought that was a great idea and just the kind of thing that Santa would love to hear!

After a hot breakfast and a lot of stories, Belinda sat down to draw a picture. She decided that living in the city with Grandmother with lots of people would be good. But she loved living on the farm with her dad and Gramps.

She hoped her mom would come home soon, but she’d talk to her on Skype and show her a picture in the meantime!



Let me know in the Comments how you’re doing on your journey and whether you have a December 15 drawing of your very own in your house.

Please share your own experiences and suggestions in the Comments below. And tell me about your favorite Christmas books!


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