On Your Way to Christmas!

On Your Way to Christmas!

On Your Way To Christmas


Four Weeks from Today

 I have been told that I need to create a video and put it on YouTube if I want anyone to find my book! Too bad I don’t know how to do that yet (I’m working on it!).

On Your Way to Christmas: Step 1

OK – if I could create a video, Step 1 would be to find a copy of my book BEFORE DECEMBER 1!

The book’s 25 bedtime stories begin on December 1, just like an Advent Calendar. So you still have time to get a copy and get ready to read. Which brings me to my next important step in the video!


The importance of this step cannot be overstated if you want to keep up with the story. The heroine (whose name is Belinda) will be making an important journey, and your reader can participate right along with her.

Belinda’s mom has given her a big challenge. She is on a mission to figure out what Christmas is really all about! And every day, she thinks about it. Sometimes she prays a little about it, just in case she needs some help.

But the most important thing is that she has to draw a picture for her mom by the end of each day. If she believes that Christmas is all about the tree, I’ll bet she will be reaching for some GREEN crayons!

Your readers might think that the answer is something different, and you can draw a picture of your own. You can even start building your own Advent Calendar, with pictures of each day’s new idea about Christmas.

And did I mention paper?? Any paper is ok for drawing, but big, blank sheets are great! Just right for drawing and hanging up on the wall. You don’t need special paper or artist paper, your little artists will be creative with their own unique ideas and a box of crayons!

STEP 3 On Your Way to Christmas: Make Cocoa!!

Cocoa mug

You might think that drawing would get a little messy with cocoa around, but I’ll bet you and your little readers can handle it. Sometimes you might want to draw first. Or read first. Or maybe go outside for a walk and THINK about it. Who knows what ideas you might come up with?

Do people in your neighborhood decorate for Christmas? Are there silly snowmen on the lawn, running out of air or standing tall?

Do some people have angels on their lawn? Wow! Now that’s a pretty cool idea. I wonder if Belinda ever drew a picture of angels?

Do you think angels are what Christmas is about? After all, the angels did make an important announcement when the Baby Jesus was born! Or maybe Christmas is about shepherds? Or wise men?

You can get a lot of ideas from walking around! Maybe now is time to go home for that cocoa?

 STEP 4: Cuddle Up and Read!

Best of all – time to cuddle up with your favorite reader and enjoy a Christmas book! It’s not time yet to start reading The Girl Who Found Christmas, so you might check out one of my favorite books, Rupert’s Snowman by Phillipa Warden. I fell in love with Rupert and his passion for bringing the snowman home a long time ago. You might love Rupert too! 

Go find a book, buy some crayons, sing a song, read a book to a child, or write one if you have to. You can do it! 

Please share your own experiences and suggestions in the Comments below. And tell me about your favorite Christmas books!


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