A Christmas Tree for the Family

A Christmas Tree for the Family

Christmas Tree Farm


Another Christmas Memory

Do you put up a Christmas Tree for the Family? Is your tree full of special memories? Like ornaments you made when you were REALLY little?

Do you get a tree from a tree farm or a tree lot or, maybe, you like the kind that doesn’t drop its needles? There are all kinds of trees, just like there are all kinds of families!

But Belinda is very particular about HER tree! Maybe she dreamed about trees with lights and snow and even snowmen?

Can Belinda Help Choose the Tree?

If kids get to help choose the tree in your family, are they excited?? Belinda sings one of her favorite Christmas songs all the way to the tree farm! If you can guess which song, send me a note in the comments. Lots of kids like this song!

She can think about her pretty dream, but once she gets to the REAL tree farm, she is on a mission!

There are SO MANY trees to choose from. What if her dad picked the wrong one?? Only one way to solve that problem – well, at least three ways!

Helping the Grownups Get It Right!

So what do you think she did?? What would YOU do if you wanted to remember a tree? Well, if you’ve read today’s story, you know that Belinda puts her mittens on one tree, her scarf on another, and her warm winter hat on a third (she definitely likes threes!).

A Special Surprise at the Tree Farm!

One of the best things about Belinda’s trip to the tree farm was meeting up with her friend, Elizabeth! She even told Elizabeth her plan for choosing a tree. She said it had to be, “BIG and TALL and FAT and FRIENDLY.”

A Very Good Friend

Elizabeth agreed that there were way too many trees that were BIG and TALL and FAT and FRIENDLY. Even though Elizabeth was a very good friend, she didn’t like the idea of putting her favorite blue hat on a tree, so she joined Belinda in putting mittens and scarves on HER favorites too. Their parents would have some tough decisions to make.

It’s a Treasure Map!

Once the parents knew what the girls’ “Treasure Map” looked like, it was easy to check out all the trees and find the perfect one for their families. And, of course, find some slightly frozen mittens and scarves and one red hat too.¬†

Only 18 Days Till Christmas

With a whipped cream mustache from her cocoa, Belinda hugs her friend when they say good-bye. Soon she’ll be home, sitting at the kitchen table drawing the next page of her Advent Calendar – a Christmas tree wearing mittens and a scarf and a hat – and maybe she will add a snowman, just for fun!

Let me know in the Comments how you’re doing on your journey and whether you have a December 7 drawing of your very own in your house.

Please share your own experiences and suggestions in the Comments below. And tell me about your favorite Christmas books!


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