Find My Missing Cat!

Find My Missing Cat!

Find My Missing Cat


Where did Custard go?

Find My Missing Cat! Belinda looked for paw prints in the snow, but there was nothing to see. Where was Custard? She needed help in a hurry!

This is a tough chapter for Belinda! She’s very worried about her kitty, and she wants to go out in the snow and look! She’s a lucky girl because her dad knows where to find help!

In this chapter Belinda has TWO worries. Not only is Custard missing, but her friend Elizabeth as well!

The Plan

Belinda’s dad has a plan: he wants her to make a list of Elizabeth’s friends. Maybe someone would have seen Elizabeth! And Belinda’s dad also found out what color coat Elizabeth was wearing. That would help all the searchers as they looked for her.

While Belinda makes the list, her dad calls friends and neighbors and the SPCA and even the police, but no one has seen Custard or Elizabeth.

Help Me Find My Missing Cat!

If you read this chapter, you can help Belinda stay calm. Just walk around with her as she looks for a paw print or the print of a little girl’s boot. You can help her when she calls, “CUSTARD! ELIZABETH! WHERE ARE YOU?” You would do that too, I’ll bet!

Belinda is extra lucky because people in her town jump in to help right away. And she talks to Howard about her worries and asks for help. She always believes that it’s good to ask for help AND do your best while you’re waiting!

I don’t want to spoil the best part of this chapter, but there’s something special coming!

How’s Your Imagination??

You could sit down and think about what might happen that would be really GREAT for Custard and Elizabeth – and Belinda! What do you think it might be? Maybe an airplane sees them in the snow? Or someone is out for a nighttime walk?? How do you think something GREAT might happen??

If I told you that Custard turned out to be a hero and saved Elizabeth, would you even believe it?? Would that be more magical than even your best imagination?

You’ll have to read the story to find out about Custard, the Hero! Belinda will be so proud of him when he gets home! Hope you will love this chapter. It’s my favorite.


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