February 1, 2020


Another Book? …

It’s been two weeks since I started the un-decorating process, and I haven’t been in a hurry to continue. Instead I started working on another book! Friends told me that their sons wished I had written a book called “The Boy Who Found Christmas.” They said their sons and grandsons and nephews would have really liked that! So I’ve started writing and I’m having a lot of fun thinking about how Belinda (The Girl Who Found Christmas) might meet Billy, the boy who will be finding Christmas this coming year! Maybe Billy goes to a new school and meets a girl with curly red hair and freckles and green eyes! And maybe they become friends!

Belinda might introduce Billy to two of her best friends, Elizabeth and Andrew. That would give Billy a great start in his new school! I don’t know what Billy looks like yet but I’m hoping some of my readers will have suggestions! I don’t think he will have curly red hair like Belinda, but maybe he looks a little bit like Andrew? Although Andrew looks a lot like Harry Potter. Maybe Billy is very tall – or very short – I don’t know yet! I have to think about it. He has to have a family, and I think maybe he needs a dog! Belinda has a cat named Custard, but I think Billy will have a dog named Boomer! Boomer is a GREAT name for a dog!

I wonder if any of my readers ever write stories and if they have to scratch their head sometimes to think about what someone looks like? Maybe sometimes they just know what a character should look like. I felt that way about Belinda. I knew that she should have curly red hair and freckles and green eyes, just like her mom. And I knew that looking like her mom made her happy. Her dad had sticky-up brown hair, and she’d really rather have her red curls, even if sometimes a boy would pull on one of her curls and go DOING! She didn’t like that very much, but she told him that she would DOING his nose if he did it again!

I am excited about writing my next book, but if I don’t take some of these decorations down, it’s going to get a little crowded around here! Maybe today I will take down some of the ornaments from the tree and pack them away carefully for next year.

There are so many special ones – even ornaments my children made when they were very small. They get packed away in tissue paper every year so that next year I can take them out and enjoy them all over again!

So writing my next book and packing away a few Christmas ornaments sounds like a really great day to me!



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