A Very Special Review…  AND Only Eight More Days!  

I am always glad to hear from readers whose children enjoyed The Girl Who Found Christmas. But yesterday I got a review that made me cry happy tears.

An Instagram friend – who is an author and extraordinary illustrator – wrote to tell me that she had purchased a copy of my book for her 89-year-old grandmother who has dementia. Apparently this particular grandmother loves to read, and she enjoys the book and follows along each day with enthusiasm.

When I wrote the book, my goal was to tell a story that would help children enjoy both the spiritual Christmas and the traditional Christmas magic. I hoped that parents and grandparents would share stories of their own traditions as children read about the Christmas activities of my six-year-old heroine, Belinda, and her less than angelic cat, Custard.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that an 89-year-old woman with dementia would delight in the daily stories of Belinda’s adventures. And that those stories would make her smile.

I am thankful to the woman whose kind spirit reaches out to find entertainment for her grandmother. And shares the reaction of her grandmother with me! She even sent me a picture, but I think that’s probably a little too private to share.

I hug this review to my heart as Christmas draws closer and I know that I will never be able to reach as many children as I hoped. But the good news is that the message shows up in unexpected places.

And as my wonderful children remind me, Christmas comes every year. So, perhaps, the book will find its way to more children – and even more grandmothers – next year!


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