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One holiday happiness hack that’s easy to overlook as you prepare for a festive holiday season: decluttering! Yuck! Doesn’t sound like fun? Try thinking of it as setting the stage for a joyful and stress-free holiday season.

Before Getting Crazy…

You don’t have to get crazy (unless you want to!). The famous Marie Kondo’s litmus test is simple. Touch each object and ask, “Does this object (whatever it is) spark joy in my heart?”.

That might sound good; however, you should be careful about testing your partner’s objects for “joy”! Not to mention the fact that this could take a while. And it’s already October! Maybe next year you could start a year ahead of time? So leaving this “joy” to one side for a moment, let’s try this: `

1. Create Space for Magic

Picture a living room without clutter. Enough space for twinkling lights, a beautiful tree, and cozy seating for your family and friends. Freeing up your space makes room for holiday magic. It’s like giving your home a warm hug to welcome the festivities.

2. Rediscover Hidden Treasures

Sometimes you even uncover forgotten treasures and holiday decorations that bring back fond memories. Maybe you’ll find that special ornament from your childhood or prized holiday cards? These discoveries can add sentimental value and nostalgia to your celebrations.

3. Stress Less, Enjoy More

The holiday season often gets hectic with shopping, cooking, and entertaining. Decluttering before the holidays helps reduce stress by creating an organized environment. You might just find the ingredients for your favorite cookies. And the perfect gift hiding somewhere in the clutter.

4. Donate and Share the Joy

Decluttering doesn’t just help you – it can make someone else’s holiday season brighter. Donate items you no longer need to charity, giving those less fortunate a reason to celebrate. If you have children, encourage them to donate a toy for another child to love.

I have a picture of my very young son next to a Toys for Tots box. He had learned to become a giver of gifts, and his face says it all. He was proud to learn to be a giver. What parent would not want their children to learn to be generous givers?

(Note: toys should be clean and in very good condition!)

5. Make Room for Crafts?

Clearing out clutter makes room for creativity. Crafters enjoy adding a personal touch to their celebrations. Old magazines, fabric scraps, and other items you find as you declutter can become DIY holiday decorations or personalized gifts. (Some people – like me – aren’t crafty – but are happy to assist those who are!)

6. Organize Your Wrapping Station

Every gift-giver’s dream is a well-organized wrapping station. Decluttering allows you to create a dedicated space for wrapping gifts. Gather your wrapping paper, colored tissue, ribbons, and tags. You can make it so much fun to wrap with style when the time comes.

7. Simplify Hosting Duties

If you’re hosting holiday gatherings, a clutter-free home simplifies hosting duties. Setting up welcoming spaces ahead of time means less stress when your guests arrive. And your guests will appreciate a tidy, festive, and inviting atmosphere.

8. Get A Fresh Head Start on the New Year

The post-holiday season often brings new resolutions and aspirations. Starting the year with a clutter-free and organized home sets the tone for a fresh beginning. You’ll step into the new year feeling lighter and more motivated.

9. Make Decorating a Breeze

When you declutter before the holidays, decorating becomes a joy rather than a chaotic chore. With fewer items to work around, you can be more creative in adorning your home.

10. Unwrap the True Spirit of the Season

Finally, decluttering before the holidays allows you to unwrap the true spirit of the season. With less focus on stuff, you can concentrate on things that truly matter. Like spending quality time with loved ones, spreading joy, and embracing the magic of Christmas.

In conclusion…

… decluttering before the holidays is a gift you give yourself. It transforms your home into a festive wonderland and sets the stage for memorable celebrations. So, just remember: Grab some holiday tunes. Gather your elf helpers. And make decluttering a fun and joyful tradition that will leave you with the merriest of holidays!

Please share your own experiences and suggestions in the Comments below!


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  1. Joseph Merkt

    Don’t forget to declutter a closet or the garage to make room for items you want to move out of the way just for the holidays!


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