Holiday Travel Suitcase


Hilarious Chaos!

Ah, you thought you had it all planned – decluttering, invitations, guest lists, even a teeny bit of decorating. And then the phone rings, and suddenly everything takes second place to the Great Aunt Mabel Hurricane..

Holiday Travel and Little Old Ladies…

One phone call from the sweet little old lady of the family, and all is chaos! How can you say no?? Did her sweet little voice squeeze in a tiny hint that it could be the last holiday she’d have a chance to see your children? And how are those darling children anyway? Growing? She hasn’t heard anything for a bit (well, at least a week, maybe)..

An Airplane?

Did you really tell her you’d get on an airplane?? With your children? Did your husband hear you?? Was that in the holiday budget? 


No flights available over Thanksgiving. That’s the good news. Lucky us! Maybe Great Aunt Mabel would like to take up FaceTime while we try to find flights before Thanksgiving. Or maybe after. Or maybe some other year!

Of course not! It’s the holiday season – a time for festive cheer, cozy sweaters, and a looming sense of impending travel doom. There’s nothing quite like the chaotic ballet of preparing for holiday travel. It’s a comedy of errors waiting to happen, where packing and panic are best friends forever.

Suitcases? What Suitcases?

First, let’s talk about packing. There’s no time to be organized or create lists – after all, a sweet little old lady may not make it while you’re dithering!

Besides the kids love sitting on suitcases while you do a precarious jig to zip them shut and your significant other gives useless advice like, “Why don’t you just take less stuff?” Less stuff? During the holidays? Who knows what we might need?

And There’s Other “Stuff”

Well, there’s the battle of toiletries. You meticulously fill miniature bottles with shampoo and conditioner, feeling like a chemist at work. But despite your precision, your carefully planned Tetris-like arrangement of liquids inside your carry-on bag inevitably leads to the dreaded TSA bag check. Cue the dramatic unpacking of everything while a line forms behind you, and suddenly your potions and lotions become public entertainment.

Suitcase Success – Forward the Troops!

Once you’ve successfully sealed your suitcase and survived the security checkpoint, it’s time to tackle the airport. The minute you step inside, it’s like entering a parallel universe where the laws of time and space cease to exist. The airport transforms into a human zoo where the line for coffee is longer than Santa’s naughty list.

Navigating through the crowds, you become a seasoned athlete, keeping track of your own darlings while dodging children on scooters and travelers dragging overstuffed suitcases behind them like reluctant pets.

You spot the ever-elusive empty seat at the gate – a piece of prime real estate that everyone eyes as if it’s the last cookie on the plate. The tension in the air is palpable. People are eyeing each other like characters in a high-stakes poker game, waiting for someone to make the first move.


Did you somehow forget the joy of flight delays? It’s like a surprise party, but instead of balloons and cake, you get a long, unexpected layover. You find yourself befriending strangers, exchanging stories about missed connections and the best strategies for surviving airport food without regretting it later.

All Aboard

Boarding the plane becomes an Olympic sport, especially when the call for boarding groups begins. Suddenly, everyone morphs into speed walkers, dashing to their assigned zones as if the prize for reaching the gate first is a golden ticket to the North Pole.

Ah, Tales of Holiday Travel

Despite the chaos, there’s something oddly charming about holiday travel. It’s a shared experience where strangers bond over the absurdity of it all.

So, here’s to the holiday hustle and bustle – where the chaos of travel becomes part of the adventure, and the mishaps make for the best stories to recount at the dinner table.

Holiday Travel Blessings

Everyone agrees that Great Aunt Mabel is definitely worth the trip. The kids will remember the trip and Aunt Mabel’s chocolate chip cookies long after the flight craziness is forgotten.

And, of course, we still have to get home and unpack, do laundry, decorate – and what were we doing before the Great Aunt Mabel adventure??

Did I say decorating was a breeze? Was that in a different lifetime?? Nah. We’re excited, energized, prepared and full of Great Aunt Mabel’s cookies. Life is good.

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