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OK – We have now been indoors for quite a while because of the Pandemic. I am enjoying working on the next book and writing to friends and readers about the book I completed last year, The Girl Who Found Christmas. But some of my reader friends – especially the ones who are not very tall – would like to know why I write so much about snow and snowmen when there are LONG times when there isn’t any snow. That is a GREAT question!

So I asked some of my friends and readers what they thought could be done about it. We can’t make it snow in May (well, unless maybe you live in Alaska??). That is certainly true. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a snowman even when it isn’t snowing! Here are some ideas for you…

You could DRAW a really great snowman! Give your snowman a name and maybe even some snow friends!

You could write a story about snowmen! (Bet you didn’t think about that one!) Kids write GREAT stories, and if they need a little help, maybe they could just tell their story to a grown up and ask for help with the writing it down part.

You could get dressed up as a snowman! Get a silly hat,  wear a carrot nose, put big black boots on your feet – and SMILE! That’s the best part about snowmen – they always smile!

And if you want to try to build one, you could make one out of felt. OR you could get a Snowman Kit and build one! 

If you make a snowman (or draw one or write a snowman story), I hope you will send me a picture! I’ll put it here on my web site and share it with other snowman lovers!

Now, what else might we do if we had snow today? We might make cocoa or hot chocolate! And maybe we would have something warm and yummy for dinner, like soup or chili. That would be a great thing to do after a busy time working on your snowman!

Do you have a favorite cold weather treat? Some people really like s’mores. Or cocoa with marshmallows. (You could even make a snowman with marshmallows you know? Put a small one on a tall one and get silly decorating your marshmallow snowman!)

All this talk about snowmen and wintertime food makes me hungry! I remember so many happy times in the snow when I was a little girl. My brother and I shared a sled, and we would walk up the hill over and over again so we could slide down over the snow. But guess what? It made us hungry! We would want to go home and have something warm to eat when our hands were cold, and it was time to go inside. Do you have good memories of snow?

If you live in a place like Florida where you never get snow, maybe your mom and dad could take you on a trip someday to the mountains where snow falls and snowmen live? Right now everyone is stuck inside, but that won’t be forever, and when we can be out and about in the world again, maybe we will have a plan for fun things to do and fun places to go?

I think I’ll start working on my plan right now! 


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