National Literacy Day…  

I must have looked at hundreds of images before I chose this one. I’ll bet people who place great value on literacy will understand why I chose a picture in which a child cannot possibly be reading anything!

There were many pictures of a parent reading to a child, or a family reading together. There were grandparent pictures and just-dad pictures, and even a family reading in a tent! But this picture alone captured my heart. I took one look at this little one and saw the pure joy of discovering what a book has to offer.

I have written only one children’s book. Many people have written entire bookshelves worth! But I hope that somewhere in the world children will hold my book in their hands and feel this kind of excitement. Maybe they will like Custard, the cat. Or the adventure at the tree farm! But books are filled with adventures, and when I look at the joy on this child’s face, I wish I had written at least a dozen books!






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