Advent Calendar

Advent Starts Tomorrow! Time to Start Reading!…  

What an exciting time! If you already have a copy of The Girl Who Found Christmas: An Advent Calendar Storybook, you are ready to curl up and read!

If not, you’ll be able to catch up on the bedtime stories once you have a book. The hardback version and the paperback version are the best for sit-down storytelling, but the Ebook is available for instant download at a low price.

The picture on this page is a paper Advent Calendar, and they are good too. But I have to think that a whole bedtime story is better than just a picture (but maybe because I really love Belinda and her adventures with Custard the cat and her best friends Elizabeth and Andrew).

When my children were small, Advent Calendar time was after dinner every single day in December – well, until Christmas! It was fun for all of us to look forward to Advent Calendar time, and I hope you will look forward to a story from Belinda every single day!



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  1. Belinda

    Today, lots of kids have Advent Calendars with a piece of chocolate each day, but it seems to me that a bedtime story every night in Advent is even better!


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