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Capturing the Real Magic

I am supposed to be on vacation today, but Christmas books and real kids are on my mind.  In fact, I’m on a cruise, headed into the port of Martinique in the Caribbean. However, Christmas and my favorite little girl, Belinda, are never far from my thoughts. And I’d like to talk about something that’s has gripped my attention today.

My last post was about writing children’s Christmas books, and I wanted to celebrate other authors. So I searched for books like mine. Well – like mine in one sense: books about real kids. Not magic reindeer or flying to the North Pole.

Christmas Books and Real Kids?

Maybe I’d find a book about a kid (like my own heroine) with lots of energy, endless curiosity, and even a good heart. Surely there must be plenty of those! But I was wrong. If they’re out there, I couldn’t find them. Except for one of my favorite children’s books.

Rupert’s Snowman by Phillipa Warden tells the story of a very real boy with extraordinary energy, creativity, and a compassionate heart. 

I fell in love with Rupert two years ago, and he’s a kid that other kids could definitely relate to. The illustrations are delightful, unusual, and a perfect foil for a very real little boy.

Christmas Books Without Real Kids??

Other than Rupert, I found a market saturated with whimsical elves, talking animals, and fantasy worlds. Not to mention extraordinary adventures.

Some of these books are great; however, the genuine experiences of real children can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

My book, The Girl Who Found Christmas, is about a very real little girl on a mission to understand what Christmas is all about.

Every day in Advent, there’s a bedtime story detailing her quest. She wonders if Christmas is about the tree. Or maybe the reindeer. Or the stockings.  Or something else??

Real kids deserve…

Real kids deserve to see themselves reflected in the stories they read. Families – and children – come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, all abilities, and all experiences. And the holiday season is a perfect time to look for families like our own – and children like the ones we love.

Making Connections and Building Memories

The magic of Christmas lies not only in twinkling lights and festive decorations, but also in shared moments of joy and togetherness.

Many real kids experience the anticipation of Santa’s visit, the thrill of decorating the tree, and the warmth of family traditions. Books that capture these moments create deep connections between story and reader.

Traditions of Your Own

What if you find, as I did, that there aren’t many books that fit the authentic experience of your own REAL kids? Maybe you can start writing down the things that make Christmas real in your family’s life! Over the years, those stories will build a foundation for even richer family rituals.

The Intersection of Fantasy and Reality

With only 37 days left till Christmas, let’s celebrate the power of storytelling to connect us, inspire us, and make our Christmas traditions truly magical.

Find a book, read a book to a child, or write one if you have to. Real kids deserve it!

Please share your own experiences and suggestions in the Comments below. And tell me about your favorite Christmas books!


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