Children's Christmas Books


The holiday season has a unique way of bringing out the child in all of us. Those who have a passion for storytelling might want to channel that festive spirit into a children’s Christmas book!

Here are some thoughts on that unique and special journey.

Children’s Christmas Books Nurture Creativity

Creating characters, settings, and plots that capture the wonder of the holiday season is a special delight for writers. They get to use their imagination in a way that resonates with young minds.

Creating a Children’s Christmas Book Shares the Joy of Christmas

Many of us cherish the joy of Christmas, but it is a special privilege to be able to share this joy with young readers. Stories and vibrant illustrations. Magic and beauty of the season. And the chance to instill wonder and excitement in the hearts of children.

You Can Leave a Lasting Legacy

Crafting a children’s Christmas book allows writers to leave a lasting legacy. Imagine creating a story that becomes a timeless treasure. Passed down from generation to generation.

It’s an opportunity to contribute to the collective joy and memories of the holiday season.

Children’s Christmas Books Can Teach – Gently

Those of us who write children’s Christmas books have the chance to share important values. And we can do it in a subtle and engaging way.

Whether it’s the spirit of giving or kindness or the importance of family, stories are a medium through which positive values are woven into the fabric of young minds.

You Can Connect with Readers

Writing a children’s Christmas book allows writers to connect with their audience on a profound level. Authentic characters and stories resonate with the experiences and emotions of young readers.

You Can Fulfill a Dream!

For many writers, the idea of creating a children’s Christmas book may have been a long-held dream. The holiday season provides the perfect backdrop for turning that dream into reality.

You can overcome challenges. Embrace creativity. And experience the fulfillment of bringing a story to life.

Speaking for myself, the journey of writing a children’s Christmas book was a magical one. So, if you’re a writer with a love for Christmas and a passion for storytelling, perhaps it’s time to embark on the exciting adventure of crafting your own children’s Christmas tale.

I did. And how I love hearing from those who follow in the footsteps of Belinda. The Girl Who Found Christmas.

Watch Belinda as she bends all of her enthusiasm and energy to the important job of finding Christmas. It’s a journey from the magic to the manger, and I’m very proud to have written it.

Please share your own experiences and suggestions in the Comments below!


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