Illustrator Dayne Sislen

Illustrators Make Magic…       

When I finished writing The Girl Who Found Christmas, I knew I needed a special illustrator. It was my incredible good fortune that I found Dayne Sislen. I told her that I had written about a little girl who was practically exploding with energy and joy. I wondered if Dayne could capture that in an illustration. I couldn’t picture it – I just knew what I was hoping to find. 

Dayne surprised me and supported my dream every inch of the way. She captured everything from Belinda’s cat to her tree farm adventure and brought all of it to life. In both color (in the ebook format) and black and white (in the large, storybook format). I was a beginner and had no idea how lucky I was.

Anyone who is writing a children’s book and looking for a truly great illustrator, look for my friend Dayne Sislen. 





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